Who we are

Ladies and Gentlemen,

owadays the moral concept of our society have changed dramatically. Instead of law and order, e talk about chaos and immorality.

Our detective company is made up of former officers, sergeants at Federal office for the Protection of the Constitution and senior officials of the investigating and protecting intelligence service. Our teams have long experience in business of investigations, observations, security service as well as un-/armed personal security and avoiding electronic eavesdropping. They gained their (according) experiences in many seminars and training at the Nachrrichtenschulen school of secret service in Germany and Netherlands as in the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden.

In the last years we successfully covered the whole investigating service in local areas and international-wide.

Trustful accomplishments of your order is our duty at all time!

If you like to get know us, then we will welcome you. In a constructive meeting we can resolve all of your queries and questions.

Norbert Haake
intelligence officer (retired)
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