Activities with MAD (Federal office for Protection of the Constitution) - Military Abschirmdienst

Because of over 20 years experiences in the job of intelligence service, we can look back and see success and failure. Base for this success is a special training and education in the following subjects:
- Identification
- Observation
- Sabotage
- Terrorism

We gained experience in different schools of the MAD ind Bad Ems, of the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) in Wiesbaden, as in schools of intelligence service of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Many training courses of the subjects mentioned above prepare for all kinds of possibilities, while the role of using technology got even bigger in the last years.

The interplay between though operations and permanent education is the surety of success.
Motivation, instinct, identification with the job are also important.

Mistakes, breakdowns and failure have only week spots of the human being as a possible reason and their occurrence should be reduced to the lowest through constant analyses and checks.

Our motto is :

“O n l y   S u c c e s s   i s   a d d i c t i v e”
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